Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Know What You Did This Summer...

... but you don't know what we did because I haven't blogged all summer!  Here is a photo montage to help catch up.  School starts on Monday (can you believe that?) so hopefully I will get in a better routine again and start keeping up with this all again!

We were very busy with lots of fun stuff this summer.  Starting off with a trip back to OK for Memorial weekend (which I already blogged about here).  And a lot of baseball (which I also already blogged about here).

In June, Jake spent some time in OK with his grandparents for 9 days (it almost killed me for him to be gone that long!).  He had a fantastic time playing with his cousins and taking a trip to Dallas to Lego Land.  Every time we asked him if he missed us, he said "nope!".   While Jake was in OK, we had Trent's brother Gavin visiting.  The two boys had so much fun together playing wii and riding bikes.  We went to the Denver zoo and went on a hike at Devil's Head with the boys and Ella.  It was her first hike.  She loved it and so did the boys.

Hiking Devil's Head

Brothers Hiking

Ella loved the trees

The boys meet the forest ranger (Bill)

Lots of stairs to climb after a long hike!

Ella loved resting in the forest

The boys played A LOT of wii

Jake and Ella (the day after Jake got home)

Three boys eating watermelon

Happy 10th Anniversary

Father's Day 2011
At the end of June, my sister Jen came with her family for a visit.  We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and went to Pirate's Cove.  We also made 'smores and had a great time playing (the kids) and hanging out (the adults).  The house was crazy with 6 little boys ages 7 - 1 1/2, but it was also very fun.  Trent went back to OK for the week with them and had a great time spending the 4th of July there with his Brother and cousins.  He even got to play on Gavin and Drew's baseball team for their tournament and is said to have hit the "game winning hit" in one of the games (a big highlight for him!)

Crazy boys at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Ella, meet Wallabee

Ella fed the giraffe!

Drew with his dad Brian

oops! blow it out!

I think we need a bigger picnic blanket!

back yard s'mores!

5 boy cousins


We spent the 4th of July as a foursome here in Denver. The weather was great for a change and we enjoyed the Highlands Ranch parade, a cook out with some great friends, and Jake and I watched fireworks that night with some friends. It was a great day!

Happy 4th!

Little cutie

Self pic at the fireworks show

Brother and Sister!

We saw several of these with all the rain we got this summer!
Finally, at the end of July, we met the Pham Damly :) in Dauphin Island AL for the week. We rented an amazing beach house and had the best time playing and laughing together. John's sisters and their families as well as his parents all bunked together in a fantastic 5 bedroom rental. All 15 of us! If you are looking for a quiet, remote beach island, Dauphin Island is the place for you. The Island was hit hard by Katrina so most of the houses (including the one we stayed in are newly remodeled or brand new buildings all together). It was Ella's first time at the beach (and Trent's that he remembers). Ella was unsure of the sand and waves but tolerated it all for many picture sessions. Trent couldn't get enough of the ocean. He played in it and the sand for hours. Jake also loved the beach and really liked the little pool that the house had on its deck. It was a small 4 foot deep pool that was perfect for the kids. They spent about 75% of their time in either the ocean or the pool. Talk about tired kids each night. There were definitely no issues with them going to sleep every night! We loved the place so much that we plan to return - someday soon hopefully!

En Route

Beautiful Dauphin Island Alabama

Fun in the sun!

Lovin the beach!

Yea! Beach!

Trent in the waves

7 grandchildren

Ella and her Ba Noi

Ella and Mommy

Picture perfect

Cute Boy!

A walk on the beach


Crazy boys

have saucer will travel


missing one boy

on a treasure hunt!

Jake flying a kite

pretty girl

sand in her toes

we love the beach!

loving the sun and surf

sisters and brother

i'm going to get you!

helping Ella stand for a picture

cute kids!

wish you were here

we wish we lived at the beach

The only family picture we took! :)

Phew! That's a brief recap of the summer. It was filled with lots of swimming, sunning, laughing, and playing. I am so sad to see it go, but am looking forward to school starting and getting back in the good old routine (once we get over the initial shock of the daily routine that is!)

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