Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Last weekend was the kick-off to the college football season.  This weekend the big and little sooners gathered for a living room picnic to watch and cheer the sooners on in their second game of the season against Florida State.

Handsome football fan

The football is bigger than her!

No one wanted to take this picture except for mommy!

Ella loving the action in the living room!

Football is a big deal in our house, especially OU football.  It is very cute to watch how the boys are really picking up on the game.  Jake sounds exactly like John when he's watching a game now - he gets really into it and actually follows the game pretty well.  The funny thing with Jake is (unless it is an OU game) he always decides to root for the team that is winning.  He likes to win!

Jake is also playing 4 year old flag football this season.  He asked to play it and initially I said no.  I tried very hard to convince him to play soccer again this year (like last year), but he just kept insisting that he wanted to play football.  So, we gave in and enrolled him.  It was no mistake, he is actually a natural at the game.  He is very fast and really focused on the game (a stark contrast with his soccer performance last year where he lost interest about 5 minutes into the game!)  It's pretty cool to see him like something so much and be successful at it.  I am glad I listened to him.

Jake and his football buddies

Getting ready for a play

John and I also got to go to the Bronco's season opener.  We got out of the house early and went with some friends to dinner before the game.  During the game, it rained and the Broncos played like poop, but we still had a great time getting out of the house and socializing for a change!

The ladies enjoying an adult beverage before the game!