Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Pics of February

Here are some pictures of what we've done in February...

Ella getting too big for Jake's lap!

(and sucking on my hands as usual)

Ella now rolls over onto her sides when she's playing and sleeping

Had to share - this is how I spent my time from around 4:45-7:00 pm
each night since Ella is so cranky during this time

Happy New Year!

Love this picture!

The boys first skiing trip
(they LOVED it)

Those are supposed to be thumbs up I think

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Mine

Most people consider Valentine's day to be a pointless, commercial holiday; but Valentine's day holds some sentiment for me for many reasons. Most notably, it is the anniversary of John and my first date 13 years ago.  We were out to dinner over the weekend and as usual at one point in the dinner we had all three kids causing a ruckus of some kind (for example: Ella crying, Jake playing under the table, and Trent spilling his drink).  I said to John, "If you knew 13 years ago we would be sharing this life with these crazy kids, would you still have asked me out?"  To which he replied, jokingly "NO!" (at least I think he was joking) :)

For the last few years, we've spent Valentine's day at a University of Colorado Hospital benefit called Hearts of All Ages.  I have to admit that in years past when we only had Jake, I was a little miffed at having to spend my evening (our anniversary of sorts) at a work function for John.  This year, however, I was very excited to get the kids dressed up, get out of the house and celebrate the holiday because, let's face it, we aren't really going places these days!
The evening, as expected, was a crazy one with three kids.  But, the boys had a great time, and surprisingly Ella was awake most of the evening, being very chill (unlike her) and taking it all in.  She actually stayed in her daddy's arms most of the night and was pretty content to do so.  It was really a great evening this year.

Ella turned 3 months this week also.  Her daytime sleep is getting a lot better.  She is napping a lot better and more consistently and is able to stay awake for longer periods of time without being cranky.  She's found her hands and loves to suck on them, and she also is getting more and more vocal.  She now wakes up in the morning with a big smile on her face and likes to lay and talk to me.  She is still a little cranky in the evenings and we can't quite figure out when her bedtime should be yet (I'm sure it will fall into place soon).  But one really cute thing is that she can be crying, ready for bed, and as soon as I take her up and say "night night" and start putting her PJ's on, she gets really excited and smiley as if to say, "yes, they finally get what I want!"

Here are some pictures of the event and the growing girl and family:

Little Valentine

Thinking about sucking on her hands

What happens when your brother won't stop
pestering you with a little frog toy (get used to it sister!)


Daddy's Sweetie

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ella's 12 Weeks Old

... And getting so big!  Here are some pictures from our latest photo session!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Fun Day!

The weekend brought more snow, but warmer temperatures, so we decided it was time we all GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Mommy most of all has been going a little stir crazy, so even I bundled up with miss Ella in tow and headed (where else?) to the sledding hill of course!


Cool boys in their new ski helmets


The boys had such a great time, and I quote from Trent: "This was the best day of my entire life!" (he's a little dramatic...he comes by it naturally I suppose)

Bundled little bear


ok, mom... enough pictures already!

Then Sunday night was the Superbowl.  The boys were very excited to watch the game.  At first Jake was rooting for the Steelers until they were loosing in the first half and he quickly changed his mind to root for Green Bay (he only goes for the wining team regardless of who they are!)  They also loved the half time show with The Black Eyed Peas - thank goodness they kept it pretty much PG!

It was the first year I think that we didn't go to or host a party for the game.  I was commenting on how relaxing it was for a change, but John was sad to not be socializing (and drinking) this year.  I made a few yummy super bowl snacks for us all though, so not all was lost!

The Super Bowl Fans
(a little tired from a day of sledding!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Those of you who know me also know that I very easily become obsessed with certian things, especially where my kids are concerned.  Right now, I am obsessed with my baby's sleep.  It's certianly understandable, I think most moms of infants are (at least that's what I am telling myself!).

I think I set myself up for failure with Ella.  When I was pregnant with her, I imagined she would come out and be very mellow (like her brother) and sleep anywhere, all the time.  Because, hey, she's the second child, don't they have to "go with the flow?"  Well, boy was I wrong!  The world revolves around Ella because she demands that it do so!

Ella is not a good sleeper at all.  Not during the day, not at night, not ever.  So, being obsessed with this (and having to deal with a tired cranky baby all day) I began my quest for the magic fix that will help my baby sleep!  In my reading, most of the experts say that a rough "schedule" should look something like this: baby eats, baby plays, baby sleeps.  And baby should not stay awke for more than 2 hours inbetween sleeps.  Oh, and also baby should sleep in the same place everytime, and lay down sleepy but not asleep.  Oh, yeah, and baby should not need any "props" for sleep (paci, mommy, etc.)

So, I have started to try to implement some of these suggestions... which basically means my entire life consists of soothing a baby to sleep (and then back to sleep).  I have to believe this will help me in the long run and help Ella get the sleep she needs.  So far though, I have not seen any consistent results.

Next on the list, I will try to get my baby to sleep A LOT longer at night (oh and also get her out of my bed during the night) -- not sure that will happen for a while though!

and THAT, my friends, is why mommy needs coffee!

little no-sleeping cutie
(she even looks tired in this picture)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No It Snot

The boys both have a cold now.  Nothing serious, no fever or anything, just a LOT of mucus.  And, of course, now Ella has her first snotty nose too.  Luckilly, one of my friends recommeded I purchase one of these before she was born:

It's an electric snot sucker (I think the fancy term is nasal aspirater) and it's very handy indeed.  This thing can suck out all of the snot in one fell swoop!  Which means the screaming can be over much sooner than when we do it the old fashoned way.

Here's a recent picture of the little lady :)

Talking to her bunny friend