Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween was very fun. Our neighbor's hosted a great party on Friday night (John and I went as Jon and Kate +8), and then we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. The boys got enough candy to last us through to next year I think!

(our jack-o-lanterns)

(Trent, Jake & Mackenzie trick-or-treating)

(the ninja and the dragon)

(Jon and Kate plus 8 (and a dragon))

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yep, that's right folks, we've had a total of 3 (yes THREE) snow storms in the month of October!!! The first was just a light dusting (but Trent's first experience with the white stuff so we snapped a few pics).

The second was a little more (about 6 inches) and of course we built a snow man!

(Trent snow angel)

The third was just ridiculous, really. We got around 35 inches here in Highlands Ranch where it snowed for 2 days straight. Trent got 3 snow days (unheard of here in Denver!).

(our deck - about 1/2 way through)
(Mackenzie and Jake sledding on our drive)

(John waist deep on the deck)

It stopped and warmed up a bit just in time for trick-or-treating! This week it should be in the 60's all week. Gotta love Denver weather (or NOT!) :)

(our neighbor's Halloween inspired snow man!)

Our New Addition

Many of you already know that we have a new addition in our home since the beginning of September. My Nephew, Trent has come to live with us! Trent is a very sweet little man and we are so happy to have him here with us. Of course it's been an adjustment (having a kindergartner and another little guy around is completely different) but we've settled in and are having a great time with him (Jake especially thinks Trent's awesome)!
Here are a few pictures of Trent!
(Trent on the plane coming to Denver)
(Trent playing at the Denver Children's Museum)

(Trent's 6th Birthday)