Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

As soon as school was out for Trent, we loaded up the car and headed East back to Oklahoma for the long weekend.  Just a few days before we left, Ella caught her first virus and resulting ear infection.  Luckily we started some antibiotics before we left or the trip could have been a lot worse!  Ella was not the happiest little traveler in the condition she was in, so mom had to spend several hours riding next to her playing music and thinking of other distractions.  After almost 13 hours on the road, we made it!

As always, we didn't get to see everyone as much as we would have liked (we pretty much need to live there to do that!) but we got some good quality time with our immediate family - which was awesome!

Though this was not Ella's first trip back to OK, she was much more engaged with everyone this time around.  She loved getting all of the attention and was happy to be held by everyone.

On this trip, Jake stayed behind in Oklahoma with his grandparents and we brought Gavin (Trent's brother) home with us to visit for the week.  It was so hard to leave Jake but he was so excited to stay behind and have the time with his grandparents and cousins!

Here are some of the many pictures we took while we were gone...

Ella and her Ong Ba Co (John's Grandma)

Ella and Grandma Rosie (my Grandma)

Happy to be passed around!

Jake lovin' the hot tub pool

Ella and her Ba Noi (Grandma)

Cousins Drew and Eli

Ella and her Paw Paw (with his sail boat)

Crazy cousins in the "pool"

Cousin Drew

4 cute cousins

Gavin, Trent, Drew, Jake

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