Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Can Hardly Contain Myself!

My latest obsession... Organizing (everything)! I don't know if it's because of the New Year, because of the mountain of new toys we acquired for Christmas, or maybe it's all of the advertisements bombarding me. Regardless, I can't get enough!

The toy room closet!



A new bookshelf for the boys!

New shelves in the garage!

Coat and boot racks in the garage!

(masterminded by moi, installed by John)

The list goes on and on, but that's all we could manage to do over the weekend! Up next, my closet (yikes!)

One Giant Leap for my Little Man

Jake is officially a big boy now! Last night, Jake agreed to give up his passy to the passy fairy in exchange for a big boy present. Now, we've been talking up this magical night for many months now; we originally were planning the big event for September, but as you know our life got a little complicated in September! Jake was a little aprehensive about the whole idea the closer we got to actually doing it. "But, I want to sleep with my blankie AND passy tonight mommy!" But, after a lot of touting the BIG BOY PRESENT that is going to be so super duper cool, etc, Jake reluctantly put the passy's in the bag. Now, for those of you who don't know the passy fairy, she typically likes for you to leave your passys in a bag outside on a tree. However, given that there is about a foot of snow in our front and back yards, we let Jake decide where to leave the passys! After a little bit of thought, Jake decided we should hang them on the Christmas tree :)

This morning, Jake found the Big Boy BIKE that the passy fairy left for him by the Christmas tree. Well, actually Trent (our early riser) found it and promptly reported it back to Jake! Jake was so excited to have a big boy bike!

So, how did it go the first night without passy!? Well, due to the New Year festivities the night before, we had one VERY tired little boy who (and this has never happened before) fell asleep during the reading of the bed time story! So, going to bed without passy was not even an issue (as he was already asleep when he went to bed). So I guess we shall see tonight how it will be for him. I think he'll do ok - we'll just need to remind him about his new bike!