Friday, June 3, 2011

Ella at 6 Months

Ella is such a joy to be around. I truly am in awe of her daily. She is growing and changing constantly. It's hard to keep up with all of the new things she's doing now! She is very entertained by the big boys - it's really cute to watch how much she enjoys them.

Ella's 6 Months Stats (6/3/2011):
  • Height: 25 1/2 inches (45th %)
  • Weight: 13 8/14 lbs. (10 %)
  • Head: 42.4 cm (35th %)

What Ella is Doing Now:

  • Saying "ba" and "da" sounds
  • Loves to play with and suck on her own feet
  • Rolling from back to belly (but not yet consistently)
  • Sitting up less-assisted for longer periods of time
  • Reaching for and grabbing everything
  • Squeeling/singing a lot
  • She "sings" along with me now when I rock her at bedtime (cooing while i'm singing, quiet during the breaks in the song - it's so cute!)
  • She loves to listen to me recite "Good Night Moon" while I get her dressed for bed (she prefers to watch my mouth instead of look at the book).  I love how her eyes light up as soon as I start to recite it.
  • She has time each night to watch her bird mobile while I prepare her room for bedtime. After she eats, I say "IIIIIIIIt's Birdie Time!" and she responds with a big smile, laugh and lots of kicking while she watches the birdies
  • She loves to be outside. We put her in her saucer outside while we work/play out there and she can be out there for hours playing and watching everything.
  • Still waking up at least once to eat during the night. I guess she just loves my company so much that she can't stand to go all night without seeing me! :) And I guess the feeling is mutual!
  • Sitting up!
    grabing for everything (much to dad's schagrin)
    first time with a cup

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