Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Sleepy Milestones for Us

This week we had several sleep related milestones...

(1) Jake is officially night-time potty trained (so cool!) -- he's been dry in his pull up for several months now, but we haven't really wanted to deal with any night time accidents since things have just been crazy at home lately.  When we got back from vacation, we were out of pull ups so we were kind-of forced into a night in underwear.  He did great and we're not looking back!

(2) Trent had his first sleep over! -- he has been begging for a sleep over for almost a year now, but we've not been too sure of it.  One of his good friends invited him for a sleep over/birthday party this weekend.  He was SO excited.  We resisted the urge to call numerous times to check on him :)

(3) Ella's new bedtime -- Ella has been much more alert and awake more for the last few weeks.  It's been great because she's smiling now and playing more, but it also made for a very over-tired baby.  Ella is a little more difficult (sensitive?) than we remember Jake being.  She spent the last week screaming her lungs out from around 5pm until we went to bed (and I mean ear-pearcing screaming!).  I did some re-reading of some of the sleep books that we had for Jake and realized that she was just over-tired.  So we started putting her down for bed around 7pm and now we have a nice break in the evening vs. a screaming fussy baby for the last hours of our night!  (I know, DUH mom and dad!!)  She's still not sleeping for more than a 4 hour stretch at a time, but I know that will come soon enough.  Just glad she's a happy baby again!

Ella's "baby leggs"
(the adorable leg warmers she's wearing)

Ella playing and smiling

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  1. Wow, you are getting very active at blogging.
    Congrats to Jake's accomplishment, Dora has just started sleeping through without a nappy as well, it is great to have at least 1 child who is out of nappies...
    I can see you thinking to check on Trent every half an hour... so funny...
    What can i say about Ella, she is still a beauty and doing a 4 hour stretch at her age is pretty good...