Friday, April 15, 2011

Love the One You're With

In the last several months, many of our good friends/neighbors (who shall remain nameless here) have decided to move.  They are not going too far, just upgrading to bigger homes.  This has made us quite sad and even made us start thinking of making a move ourselves.  In fact, John had the bug so bad that he started looking at houses, talking to realtors, etc.  Don't get me wrong, the idea of moving into a bigger home with more room for all 5 of us sounds lovely...BUT who are we kidding?  It's not as easy as just finding the home of your dreams to move into.  You must first, SELL your own home which involves cleaning and listing and keeping clean, and showing, etc.  Then there's finding another house, the mortgage brokers, the contracts and negotiations, etc.  It's a bit overwhelming just thinking about all of the WORK and STRESS and LACK OF SLEEP that goes into such an idea.  And did I mention I have a 4 month old that does not sleep well?

So, after a few heart-to-heart conversations with my beloved husband (including me saying something like this: "the thought of listing/showing our house makes me want to break out in hives hon!!!"), we decided it was best to stay put and give the old gal a few touch-ups so we can continue to be happy where we are!
We've completed the first project - Plantation Shutters in the living room, master suite/bath, and office.  Made a world of difference in our living room (lovingly referred to as the "sun room" or "hell") temperature-wise.  We're hoping for a return on investment with energy savings alone!
We also hope to do a few other things including refinishing the hardwoods and new carpet eventually.  Heck, once we're done, we may never want to move! (OK, not likely as the children in the house grow bigger and bigger, but we can at least put off a move for a while!)... I think?

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  1. Amen! We've had the bug to move too but process just wasn't worth it to me. No thanks. Glad you're staying put neighbor :)