Friday, April 15, 2011

Jake's Photos

Keeping Jake busy can be a challenge sometimes.  He's a real home body.  He doesn't really like to get out of his PJs and leave the house for any reason (he can only occasionally be lured by a play date with his BFF Mackenzie).

The other day, I asked him to take some pictures of me and Ella.  After which, he had a grand time with my camera for a while.  Here are some of his pictures - pretty funny :)   He cracks up every time he looks at them (must be an inside joke!)

view of backyard through a screen

shaky preschooler with hydrangeas

action in the exersaucer

room askew from atop a couch

army man in bumbo

this stuff is bananas (b-a-na-na-s!)

half eaten PB&J on racoon plate

sophie well lit

celing corner of a dining room

butterfly on exersaucer (in detail)

sister delighted
(up close and personal)

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