Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Fun Day!

The weekend brought more snow, but warmer temperatures, so we decided it was time we all GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Mommy most of all has been going a little stir crazy, so even I bundled up with miss Ella in tow and headed (where else?) to the sledding hill of course!


Cool boys in their new ski helmets


The boys had such a great time, and I quote from Trent: "This was the best day of my entire life!" (he's a little dramatic...he comes by it naturally I suppose)

Bundled little bear


ok, mom... enough pictures already!

Then Sunday night was the Superbowl.  The boys were very excited to watch the game.  At first Jake was rooting for the Steelers until they were loosing in the first half and he quickly changed his mind to root for Green Bay (he only goes for the wining team regardless of who they are!)  They also loved the half time show with The Black Eyed Peas - thank goodness they kept it pretty much PG!

It was the first year I think that we didn't go to or host a party for the game.  I was commenting on how relaxing it was for a change, but John was sad to not be socializing (and drinking) this year.  I made a few yummy super bowl snacks for us all though, so not all was lost!

The Super Bowl Fans
(a little tired from a day of sledding!)

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  1. I logged into my blog, just to check yours and there is the update. It's great to see these updates. Ella is so cute and fairplay to you for getting out...