Monday, July 13, 2009

Chugga, Chugga.. Poo Poo!!

Paw Paw came for a visit this weekend on his way to a job outside of Grand Junction. We all went to the Railroad Museum in Golden, CO. They just happened to be celebrating their 50th anniversary, so there were a lot of people there and a lot going on. There were also a lot more trains there than usual which was cool to see. We also went to the park and let Jake play in the fountains before Paw Paw left town. He had such a good time that he didn't want to leave. We'll definitely have to do that a few more times this summer!

Jake is on a 2-week dry streak (give or take a few tiny "didn't-make-it-in-time" accidents)! He's really started to get it and can hold it a lot longer now. He even went poo poo on the potty at school today!! hooray!!


  1. Wow, Leslie, congrats... potty training is huge, all ahead of us.

    Have you taken him to Tiny Town yet?

  2. In my country children go to kindergarden from 3 to 6/7 years. My kid is afer 4 years kindergarden life will start school in 2010 Sept.