Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th (of April?)

We hosted a 4th BBQ with our neighbors (the Lynch's) for the 5th year in a row this year. For the last two years, it rained on us. This year, not only did it rain, it rained a LOT and got very cold. Luckily, with the basement newly completed, we had room for everyone to come inside! The kids loved the new couch in the basement and used it like a "bouncy house" for their entertainment. Well, I guess it IS supposed to be an entertainment room, right? We skipped the big fireworks show again this year for the Larson's show. Doug never fails to entertain/scare us with his not-so-legal fireworks show (care of WY fireworks)! Jake really enjoyed having so many friends over and loved watching the fireworks with PawPaw (when he wasn't hiding from them).

Happy Hosts
(see storm clouds in the background)

The family pic!

Mackenzie, Clara & Jake (before the rain)

The new couch (aka Bouncy House) -
yes, that's an action shot of Jake on his head!

Paw Paw, Jack and Jake


  1. Sounds a lot like the 4th here! Rain, rain, rain!

  2. Hi Leslie, I love the pics. Sounds like an Irish BBQ, you can always tell the host, is the poor guy standing in the rain, while everyone else is having fun inside :-)