Monday, June 1, 2009

Under Construction

Many of you know that we are finishing our basement. It has been good so far (but our poor neighbors would have another story for you!) Jake is really into all of the "struction mans" going in and out of the house. He asks me "what's that mommy?" every time he hears hammering, etc. coming from the basement. "Is it the struction mans mommy?"

Here are some pictures of the half-way point. We can't wait for it to be done! Most of it will be done next week but we're waiting for cabinets and carpet for a few weeks more. Once it's finished we will have space for all of Jake's toys (yeah!) and we'll be able to park in our garage again too! I'll update pictures once it's done.

(media room/entertainment den - view #1)

(media room/entertainment den - view #2)

(rec room w/wet bar)




  1. Wow, looks incredible! Not like a basement! Love all the light! Can I move in?

  2. No pics of the struction mans :-)???

    In case you haven't figured, this is your friend from Ireland.

  3. trust me... you don't want to see pictures of the struction mans! :)

    Lisa, you know you can move back to Denver any day now - no complaints from me!

  4. Wow, what a nice house you will have soon. It is seems you have a good sence of beauty or you have a very good arhitect friend. I prefer wihte colour to any others. Hopefully you will show the furniture as well for us.