Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monsoon season?

Apparently there is a monsoon season in Denver (who knew?), and it came early this year. I guess it wasn't bad enough that it snowed in May, but it hasn't gotten above 70 degrees in weeks now. Being the weather nerd that I am, I tried to find an explanation and found the following.

And, did you know that a monsoon is actually referring to the wind pattern and not the rain? Interesting...

We've also experienced several consecutive days of severe weather including several funnel clouds and tornadoes in the Denver metro area. If you follow my facebook status, it's all I can talk about these days.
(funnel cloud just behind our house on May 31st)
On the up side, today is going to be sunny and 80 degrees - with (of course) a chance of thunderstorms and severe weather starting this afternoon. I'm so ready for a hot summer pool weather, but I am beginning to wonder if we'll ever get any this year - is it possible for it to skip right over into fall? Ugh!

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  1. I kind of miss those super severe, super quick to pass over Denver T storms!