Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ella: 4 Months

We went to Ella's 4 month check up today.  Here are her stats and a little bit about what she's doing these days...
  • Weight -- 11 lbs. 11 ozs (10%)
  • Height -- 24 inches (45%)
  • Head -- 39 3/4 cm (15%)
Much like Jake, Ella is a little one, but still growing according to her own curve (I looked back and she's actually smaller than Jake was at 4 months!) .  Our Dr. gave us the green light to begin solids so we will be starting her on cereal soon too - that will be fun!

What Ella is doing now...
  • Rolls from side to side (almost over to her belly when on her back)
  • Drooling a lot (maybe some teeth in the next month or so?)
  • Playing in her exersaucer (can hold her head well and stand for a while before getting tired)
  • Smiling a lot
  • Laughing (she loves when mommy throws a plastic bag in the air - thinks it's the funniest thing!)
  • Blows raspberries
Here are some recent pictures of the little doll:
Miss November

Too Precious!
(can you spot her crazy brother in this picture?)

Playing in her saucer

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Loves her saucer!

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