Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for School!

Trent is back in school this week.  He was so excited to go back.  We went to the school to meet his new teacher the Thursday before he started.  She is new to the school this year and so very nice.  He was so excited to start the first day.  We had a slight snafu when he rode the bus home on the first day.  It was his first time riding home (he rode to school all year last year, but never back home because he was in AM kindergarten).  When the bus came to drop off all the neighborhood kids, I watched them all get off one by one.... then the door closed and the bus took off - NO TRENT!  Of course I panicked.  After some kind words from a neighbor I frantically called the school holding back tears.  They quickly determined that he got on the bus and had just missed our stop.  They radioed to the bus which promptly brought him back to our stop.  He was a little worried, but relieved when they brought him back.  On day two, the process went much smoother.  I don't think he'll miss his stop again :)!

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  1. Love the new background, but can hardly read the black font... Shame Leslie, I would have freaked out too..