Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jamaican Us Crazy... So We Went to Jamaica

Many of you know that we've had a crazy/busy/emotional year in 2009, so John and I decided to take a last-minute trip in February to Jamaica. If you have never been there, you should definitely add it to your list. There was not one thing we did not like about it (people, food, weather, resort, etc - all amazing!). Not to mention that we got to get away from the bitter Colorado cold spell and into 80 degree weather (exactly what the Dr. ordered!) We picked Jamaica because, although it does have some cool things to see, we really just wanted to relax and stay on the resort and really DO NOTHING (something we have not done in a very long time). Luckilly, John and I are the perfect pair and both enjoyed doing nothing but laying at the pool/beach, eating, sleeping and reading! We were also very lucky to have a great nanny here at home watching the boys - they adore her and had so much fun while we were gone (I don't think they even missed us!) Here are some pictures of our trip!

(a view from our balcony)

(a view of the Mountains behind our resort)

(John relaxing on the beach!)

(Leslie on the beach)

(a view of the resort at sun set)

(going out for dinner at the resort)


  1. Oh Leslie, what can I say, looks like a horrible place... :-) where are the fat pictures though?!

  2. Wow and wow, fantasticly beautiful place and you are very happy. It was a grate time there, I am sure.